LAOCHRA - Tyrone Productions, Croke Park

2016 in Ireland saw the marking of the centenary of the Easter Rising. Many events took place throughout the country but one event in particular was very special. "Laochra", the GAA's marking of the centenary, took place to a capacity crowd of 80,000 people in Dublin's Croke Park and was televised live nationally and internationally.  The event, which was produced by Tyrone Productions and directed by Ruán Magann, celebrated the history of Irish culture through sang, dance, poetry, music and pageantry. 

Eventco was proud to provide Production Management and production supplies to this event. Some of the elements included, 90 sq metres of hi-res LED screen, over 500 flags, giant roof banners on kabuki drops, 8 replica cannons and other props, staging, lighting and Croke Park's first crowd mosaic, consisting of over 30,000 participants.

As well as this, Eventco managed the 10 minute changeover from a league final to a stage including the placement of over 50 pyro elements. Eventco also liaised between Croke Park and Tyrone Productions on the challenging issues of a League Final combined with a pageant spectacle with over 3000 participants.

Nobody could have predicted the emotional reception that the show received which was hailed as one of the greatest events of the year.