RCSI Projection Mapping: St Stephens Green, Dublin

RCSI Eventco

Eventco was proud to work with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland to produce a night of projection mapping to celebrate the college's long history. Accompanied by dramatic music and sound effects, with a voiceover from award-making filmmaker and the show’s co-writer Ruán Magan, the eight minute event ran on a continuous loop from 7.30pm until midnight as part of Open House, Irelands architectural event.

Open House Dublin, which is run by the Irish Architecture Foundation, includes an extensive programme which highlights the buildings of Dublin that have altered our vision of the city over time, shaped how we live and inspire new ways of living in the future. The RCSI event was part of the ‘Open House Plus’ programme which includes special performances and events that showcase the city’s architecture and heritage in a different way. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Professor Cathal Kelly, Chief Executive/ Registrar, RCSI said: “The spectacular light show taking place as part of Open House Dublin promises to be a truly remarkable event and a very fitting finale to RCSI’s year of 1916 commemorations. RCSI and the doctors and surgeons who are connected with the College have played an immense role in making innovative discoveries over the past 232 years and have shaped modern healthcare as we know it today. This year’s Open House Dublin offers a unique opportunity to commemorate and celebrate the illustrious history of the College and our ambitious vision for the future as part of this memorable spectacle.”

Eventco was involved in the project from inception to completion. This included the development of the storyboard and visuals, scripting, projection and audio technology as well as the planning and event management of the works on the busy city centre site.

Full video below: